Memphis TN Medicaid “TennCare” Food Stamp and Welfare Office

Memphis TN Medicaid “TennCare” Food Stamp and Welfare Office administrates your local program under Tennessee State guidelines. Medicaid provides health care for low income people. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Food Stamps helps low-income families buy food. While Welfare program (TANF) give assistance to those who have little or no income.

Dist. 8, Cty. #79
170 North Main Street
Memphis, TN 38103-1820
Phone: (901) 543-7351
FAX: (901) 543-6474 and (901) 543-6084

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
(SNAP – Food Stamps)
Families First – Welfare Services
Child Care Certificate
Medicaid; and TennCare
Other Services

North Branch Office – Family Assistance
Manager: Linda Banks
3230 Jackson Ave. (38122-1011) (Physical)
170 N. Main, 9th Fl. (38103) (Mailing)
Memphis, TN
Phone: (901) 320-7200
FAX: (901) 320-7335
Welles Branch Office – Family Assistance
Manager: Linda Garrett
3360 South Third Street (38109-2944) (Physical)
170 N. Main, 9th Floor (38103) (Mailing)
Memphis, TN
Phone: (901) 344-5040
FAX: (901) 344-3648
Memphis Area Career Center
444 North Main (38105) (Physical)
170 N. Main, 9th Fl. (38103) (Mailing)
Memphis, TN
HS FA Elig. Couns: (901) 545-2252

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