Medicaid Income Qualification

Income Qualification 

The government Medicaid website provide information on household size and income requirements to see if you qualify for health coverage under the medicaid program. To learn if you qualify for medicaid please click on the chart on the right.


Click On The Chart

Click on the chart above for information to learn if you qualify for Medicaid or low cost health coverage. Find your estimated household income and household size on the medicaid income qualification chart.

By viewing the income qualification chart on the government Medicaid Website page you will find information that tells you if you qualify for health care tax credits, lower out-of-pocket costs, or low-cost health care through Medicaid.

How to use the Medicaid health care savings chart:

  • Use adjusted gross income to estimate your income for 2014.
  • Include in your household everyone you claim as a dependent on your tax return and any children who live with you.
  •  View health and dental insurance plans available in your area.
  • Find out if your state is expanding Medicaid coverage in 2014.

If your state is not expanding Medicaid and you can’t afford a health plan you can get low-cost health care at a Community Health Center near you.

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