How am I suppose to get appointment at Libby MT Medicaid, can’t get anyone on the phone.

Q) How the flip am I suppose to even consider an appointment at Libby MT Medicaid office if I can’t even get anyone on the flippen phone. I do not live in Libby and I am not going to waste the gas just to find out I had to make a flippen appointment to talk to anyone. What the flip is going on over there??????

A) I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble reaching the Libby MT Medicaid office. According to the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, you can call the Montana Healthcare Programs at 1-800-362-8312 for assistance with Medicaid. They are open from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain time.

If you still cant reach the office I suggest a few things that might help you make contact and get assistance:

  1. Keep trying: While it’s frustrating to get a busy signal or no answer, sometimes persistence pays off. Keep trying the phone number at different times of the day, and try calling multiple times in a row.
  2. Look for alternative contact methods: If you’re unable to get through on the phone, see if the office has any other contact methods, such as email or an online contact form. You may also be able to find information on the office’s website about how to make an appointment or get in touch with a caseworker.
  3. Contact your local health department: If you’re unable to get in touch with the Medicaid office in Libby, MT, try contacting your local health department. They may be able to assist you with Medicaid-related questions or direct you to other resources in your area.
  4. Contact your state representative: You may be able to get more information or assistance by contacting your state representative or senator. They may be able to help you navigate the Medicaid system or connect you with resources in your area.

I hope these suggestions are helpful, and I’m sorry that you’re having trouble getting the assistance you need.

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