I have called Medicaid, social security and Medicare and can’t get help.

Q) Can somebody please help me? I have called Medicaid, social security and Medicare and can’t get help. I was told by social security disability when I received my Medicare information to call Medicaid because the state was going to be paying my Medicare premiums. I was told by Medicaid this morning if the Medicaid is active they will but that I may have to pay the first 1 or 2 premiums and they will be reimbursed to me. That doesn’t sound right. If I’m on Medicaid then the system should know not to take premium out of my check. It’s only $1087 to begin with. Medicare is due to start April 1st and I need this resolved before then. Please…

A) If you are enrolled in Medicaid in Florida and receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, it’s possible that Medicaid is covering your Medicare premiums as part of the Medicare Savings Program (MSP). However, the information you received about having to pay the first 1-2 premiums and being reimbursed later may not be accurate.

I would suggest reaching out to your local Medicaid office or your Social Security office to clarify the information and ensure that your Medicare premiums are being paid correctly. Additionally, you may also want to contact the Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman or the Medicare Rights Center for further assistance.

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