Who do I talk with re Medicaid and move mom to a nursing home

Q) My 94 year old mother who is in very poor health has been getting home care (now around the clock) for 7 years. She is living in a relatives home and paying half the home expenses. Based upon her expenses VS. assets, she will be broke in April 2015. Her current net worth is $26,000. Who do I talk with to initiate Medicaid help and a move to a nursing home by April 2015?

A) Please call your local Medicaid Office and speak with a counselor regarding preparation for your mothers nursing home care.

Nursing Facility Services are provided by Medicaid certified nursing homes, which primarily provide three types of services:

  • Skilled nursing or medical care and related services;
  • Rehabilitation needed due to injury, disability, or illness;
  • Long term care —health-related care and services (above the level of room and board) not available in the community, needed regularly due to a mental or physical condition.


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