My niece’s husband just died.. How much does Medicaid provided for burial

Q) My niece’s husband just died and has no money for burial. How much does Medicaid provided for burial expenses.

A) Medicaid provides some limited coverage for funeral and burial expenses for eligible individuals, but the coverage and amount can vary by state. In general, Medicaid may provide assistance with basic funeral expenses, such as a simple casket or urn, transportation of the deceased, and services of a funeral director.

However, the amount of coverage provided by Medicaid for funeral and burial expenses is often limited to a specific dollar amount and may not cover all costs. In some states, Medicaid may only cover a portion of the expenses, and the remaining costs would need to be paid by the family or through other means.

To find out the specific details of what Medicaid covers in your state, you can contact your local Medicaid office or funeral home. Additionally, some states and localities may have programs or funds available to help cover funeral and burial expenses for low-income individuals and families. It may be helpful to look into these options as well.


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