I had a Dr’s appointment, Medicaid was canceled? Why?

medicaid_questionQ) I had a Dr’s appointment tomorrow they said my Medicaid was canceled? Why? I had NO letter saying such. I need a phone call ASSP.

A) I see. That is concerning. It is important to be able to access healthcare, especially when you have a doctor’s appointment scheduled.

There are a few reasons why your Medicaid might have been canceled. One possibility is that your income changed and you no longer meet the eligibility requirements. Another possibility is that you missed a deadline to renew your coverage. It is also possible that there was a mistake made when your application was processed.

If you are not sure why your Medicaid was canceled, you should contact your state’s Medicaid office. They will be able to tell you why your coverage was canceled and what you need to do to get it reinstated.

Here are some tips for contacting your state’s Medicaid office:

  • Call the customer service number on the back of your Medicaid card.
  • Visit the website for your state’s Medicaid office.
  • Go to your local Medicaid office in person.

When you contact your state’s Medicaid office, be sure to have your Medicaid card and other identification information ready. You should also be prepared to answer questions about your income, household size, and other eligibility requirements.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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