Guy gets $200 in food stamps, draws a check from his dad is this wrong?

medicaid_questionQ) There is a guy that lives in cassville Missouri Barry county Missouri he works at m******* workshop and plus he gets check once a month and he draws a check from his dad once a month his mom lives in aurora Missouri & lawerance county the guy gives all his food stamps to his mom and his mom has 7 Person living with her. The guy gets b $200.00 in food stamps is this wrong?

A) If you suspect someone is illegally receiving public assistance benefits or is illegally using an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card you can Fill out the Fraud Complaint on your state benefit website.

Following are examples of some of the things that people conceal or do not report in order to receive ineligible public assistance benefits:

  • Someone in the home beginning to work or quitting work
  • Actual earnings or income of all household members
  • Self-employment or doing odd jobs without reporting the income
  • Ownership of property
  • Money in the bank
  • Unearned income such as social security, child support, unemployment
  • compensation or veteran’s benefits for any household members
  • Everyone living in the home
  • Someone moving in or out of the home
  • Receiving assistance in one parish while living in another parish or state
  • Receiving assistance in more than one parish or state
  • Changes in a child’s attendance at day care


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