I have Medicaid, want to work more hours and I have a part time job…

medicaid_questionQ) I have medicade and I want to work more hr and I have a possible part time job at hooter will it effect my benefits if I work 29 39 hr a week

A) In most cases, working more hours will not affect your Medicaid eligibility. However, there are some exceptions. For example, if you are working in a job that is considered to be “categorically needy,” such as a job in the healthcare field, you may be eligible for Medicaid even if you are working full-time.

If you are not sure whether or not working more hours will affect your Medicaid eligibility, you should contact your state’s Medicaid office. They will be able to tell you more about the eligibility requirements in your state and can help you determine if you will still be eligible for Medicaid if you start working more hours.

Here are some additional tips for working and keeping your Medicaid benefits:

  • Be sure to report any changes in your income to your state’s Medicaid office.
  • If you are working full-time, you may be eligible for a premium tax credit to help you pay for your health insurance.
  • You may also be eligible for other financial assistance, such as food stamps or housing assistance.
  • If you have any questions about working and keeping your Medicaid benefits, you should contact your state’s Medicaid office.

The government Medicaid website provide information on household size and income requirements to see how you qualify for health coverage under the medicaid program.  https://www.healthcare.gov/lower-costs/qualifying-for-lower-costs/

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