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Want to do was transfer my insurance from my current carrier to another carrier on the exchange.

Medicaid-QuestionQ) I have a question. I applied for Medicaid as a part of the process to obtain insurance through the exchange, fully expecting to be denied because I have too many assets, but I still need the denial from Medicaid in order to proceed with the application for insurance through the exchange. I reviewed my application to see if I had made errors, in reporting my assets, and still got approved for Medicaid! With that approval, my current insurance through the exchange was cancelled, which I did not want as it is good through the end of December, but since the company I have insyrance through is no longer offering insurance in 2016, I need to find another insurance carrier. So I need some guidance in proceeding. All I really wanted to do was transfer my insurance from my current carrier (Colorado Healthcareop) to another carrier on the exchange. How can I get this straightened out?

A) You cannot transfer on the exchange. Your options on the exchange is the select a health plan that is offered to you.

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