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I have Temporary Guardianship. Can I apply for assistance for the children

Q) Hi I have Temporary Guardianship over my niece and nephew I am currently seeking permanent Guardianship. Can I apply for assistance for the children now with the Temporary Guardianship they have been living with me for almost two years now.

A) Whether you are the guardian of a child Social Security beneficiary or of a disabled adult who receives Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, you may need additional assistance to provide the care and support the individual needs. Although you cannot receive temporary guardian benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSA), there are a number of other programs and administrative rules of which you should be aware.

Representative Payee Status

The SSA can designate a representative payee for a child or a disabled adult that is not competent to manage his or her own SSD benefit payments. As a legal guardian, you are not automatically assigned representative payee status. You must apply for this status with the SSA.

All monies issued to you as a representative payee must be used to provide for the needs of your ward. If your temporary guardianship ends, you must notify the SSA immediately and return all unused funds.

You can apply for representative payee status by calling 1-800-772-1213 or by contacting your local SSA office.

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  1. Ok I have a son that has downs syndrome and autism he is 21 years old and I have permanent guardianship for him can I apply for foodstamps for him he does received SSI and Medicaid but he eats separated food for me he has a special diet ?

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