I just applied for Medicaid in PA, but I still have Ohio Medicaid

Q) I just applied for Medicaid in PA at welfare office, but I still have Ohio Medicaid insurance. What do I do?

A) If you have been approved for Medicaid in Pennsylvania and are currently enrolled in Ohio Medicaid, you should contact both the Ohio and Pennsylvania Medicaid offices to inform them of your change in residency and to request that your coverage be transferred to Pennsylvania.

To do so, you can contact the Ohio Medicaid office and request to have your coverage terminated effective immediately. After that, you should contact the Pennsylvania Medicaid office to request enrollment in their program. You may need to provide documentation of your Pennsylvania residency and meet other eligibility requirements to qualify for coverage in that state.

It is important to note that you should not rely on Ohio Medicaid to cover your medical expenses once you have established residency in Pennsylvania, as you may be responsible for any medical expenses incurred outside of the state or outside of the coverage network.

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