Hi I have a cousin that lives in Beeville TX that cant work and has no insurance. How does she qualify for Medicaid? She lives in a hotel right now. She is single and has no kids. Please point me in the right direction so I can help her get medical insurance.

A) There are a couple of ways your cousin in Beeville, Texas might qualify for Medicaid. Here’s some information to help:

  • Income is a major factor. Texas Medicaid is available to low-income adults, with income limits typically at 198% of the Federal Poverty Level.
  • Disability can also qualify someone for Medicaid in Texas, regardless of income.

Here are some resources to help your cousin apply:

  • Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC): This is the official Texas Medicaid website. It has information on eligibility and how to apply online or by phone: Texas Medicaid: findhelp.org
  • Phone: 877-635-6736 This number can answer questions about Medicaid and the application process.

Since your cousin has a complex situation (living in a hotel, no job), it might be helpful to talk to someone directly who can give her specific guidance. The HHSC should be able to answer her questions about eligibility and help her navigate the application process.

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