Programs that pay family member to care for disabled family member.

medicaid_questionQ) Are there any programs that will pay a family member to take care of a disabled family member on Social Security ,Medicare and Medicaid?

A) It might be possible for you to get a small but regular payment for your caregiving work.

If the parent, spouse, or other person you’re caring for is eligible for Medicaid, its Cash and Counseling program, available in some states, can provide direct payments that could go to you. A few other states have similar programs for low-income seniors, even if the person receiving care doesn’t quite qualify for Medicaid. Also, if the person you’re caring for has long-term care insurance that includes in-home care coverage, in some cases those benefits can be used to pay you. read more.

Call or visit your nearest medicaid office and speak with a counselor to get more information.


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