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usa-mapThis site was created to help US Citizens find their local Medicaid and Social Service offices and provide general information about social service benefits.

Medicaid provides health care for low income people. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Food Stamps helps low-income families buy food.  While Welfare program (TANF) give assistance to those who have little or no income.

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I applied for medicaid, gotten it, haven’t gotten my medicaid

Q) I have a question, I applied for medicaid and I received that I got accepted..but I haven’t gotten my medicaid card..and its not accepting it in my doctors office. So please email me back as soon as possible. A) Each State administrate their medicaid program differently. Please contact your local medicaid office to request your medicaidContinue Reading

How long does it take to receive the call for Medicare?

Q) How long does it take to receive the call for Medicare? I applied maybe like 2 weeks ago and i haven’t received a call? A) According to the Medicare Website – If you sign up for Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and/or Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) during the first 3 months of your Initial EnrollmentContinue Reading

How do i get paid to be my grandmas full time caregiver

Q) How do i go about getting paid to be my grandmas full time caregiver I am going to have to take a leave of absence from work and still need income coming in to pay my bills. A) It might be possible for you to get a small but regular payment for your care giving work.Continue Reading

My 18 yr old daughter is pregnant. Is she old enough to get assistance

Q) My 18 yr old daughter is pregnant. She currently lives with my husband and I. She graduates this year from High School. We currently have family health insurance. The copays, premiums and deductibles that we will face are beyond our financial ability to pay for her and her baby. Is she old enough to getContinue Reading

I have Medicare and Medicaid. Need help with Dental

Q) I have a question, I have Medicare and Medicaid pays my Medicare premiums, but that still leaves me with no dental coverage and I don’t qualify for the in house “care credit” at the dentists offices, I’m on ssd and that doesn’t exactly leave enough at the end of the month for the dental workContinue Reading

Can men with custody of their children get Medicaid?

Q) I know there are single mothers who get medicaid and their children are on medicaid also. Can men who are single fathers with custody of their children and he is not working get medicaid in Texas also? Thank you. Marilyn W***** A) Each state administrates their medicaid program differently. You will need to go to yourContinue Reading

If food stamps is to help poor people, why allow junk foods?

Q) why if food stamps is to help feed low income people and yes help should be provided but why is soda chips lobter tails candy, heros high end cut meat etc and other junk food able to be paid for with tax payer dollars and yet schools are told they should not have soda chipsContinue Reading

Got a letter telling me to to renew my baby’s medical Card

Q) Got a letter in the mail telling me to to renew my baby’s medical Card but been on hold for Almost Hours and half really need to talk to some one please give me call back it won’t let me leave a call back number this is very important A) Please call or visit your localContinue Reading

Caretaker for my grand daughter, medicaid computer problems

Q) I am caretaker for my 10 yr old grand daughter who is on medicaid. Earlier this month, we moved into Bladen Co from Columbus. I called her worker in Columbus co to inform her. Now, my grand daughter keeps coming up ineligible for service. I have contacted her worker in Columbus Co who tells meContinue Reading

My Father has Emphysema, has to wait 2 years for medicaid

Q) My Father has Chronic Emphysema, ASPERGIOMA witch is a rare fungus that grows in the lungs also no cure just lots of medication to keep it at bay,high blood pressure,and diabetes he just turned 62 and has been on SSDB for about 1 yr has lost his House Car and almost his life because havingContinue Reading

My brother is a senior citizen, disabled, need full time care.

Q) I have P.O.A. on my brother. My brother is a senior citizen and disabled. He is in need of full time care. He is not able to make any decisions and is mental incompetent and has been diagnosed as such. He was receiving Medicaid in Adams County and as moved to Denver County. I wasContinue Reading

Just moved to Utah from Idaho. Can I use my Idaho food stamp fin Utah?

Q) I just moved to Utah from Idaho. Can i use my Idaho food stamp fin Utah? A)  If you have a food stamp card you should be able to use the card in your new location. However you will need to apply for Food Stamp in your new state in order to continue receiving benefits.

Me and my wife are homeless, she is 11 weeks pregnant.

Q) Me and my wife are homeless found out she was 11 weeks pregnant today. Im worring if we are able to apply for chip, medicade, food stamps etc. We are in need of help we been trying to do it by ourselves but with a child coming we need help getting in a place orContinue Reading

Can you get medicaid if you are a disabled veteran

Q) Can you get medicaid if you are a disabled veteran A) According to Vets101 website: If you qualify for Medicaid while you also get health coverage through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or TRICARE, that’s fine. You can get Medicaid and coverage as a veteran at the same time, which can help reduce your medicalContinue Reading

Medicaid account being managed by the wrong county office

Q) My Medicaid account is being managed by the wrong county office. It is being managed by Atlantic County and I live in Gloucester County. How can I get this changed? A) The rules for Medicaid program administration are different for each state. You need to call or visit your state Medicaid Office and speak with a medicaid counselorContinue Reading

Is it OK to apply to Kansas Medicaid ahead of time

Q) I Live in New Hampshire but am moving to Kansas in the summer of 2014. I currently have Medicare and a Medicaid spend down. Is it OK to apply to Kansas Medicaid ahead of time so that there is no gap in coverage assuming I am eligible. A) Each state administrate their medicaid program differently IContinue Reading

who must I contact to obtain MEDICAID for a stroke victim?

Q) I am asking who I must contact to obtain MEDICAID assistance for a stroke victim who fell and broke a hip bone. He is presently in a hospital,but we are not able to adequately care for him at home. He is also a diabetic. A) Please call your local medicaid officeto get information on Medicaid application forContinue Reading

Can the doctors office refuse my medical records, or charge?

Q) Can the doctors office refuse my medical records ? Also with being on medicaid can they charge me for my medical records ? A) Depending on your state laws. Some State Law gives patients and other qualified individuals access to medical records. There can be some restrictions on what may be obtained and fees mayContinue Reading



How and where to apply for medical cost reimbursement

Q) My question is. How and where to apply for medical cost reimbursement on my daughter who has just been granted SSI. I have incurred a high medical bill, can I recover some monies?? Thank You for your support. A) Please call your local Social Security Administration office and speak with a counselor regarding the possibility ofContinue Reading

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