Can you get medicaid if you are a disabled veteran

medicaid_questionQ) Can you get medicaid if you are a disabled veteran

A) According to Vets101 website: If you qualify for Medicaid while you also get health coverage through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or TRICARE, that’s fine. You can get Medicaid and coverage as a veteran at the same time, which can help reduce your medical expenses.

One common reason to do this is that Medicaid covers some procedures and services that your benefits as a veteran may not cover. For example, Medicaid may cover long-term care services you need. Another reason people want Medicaid is that it gives you more options for medical providers. This can be especially important if you are not satisfied with the attention you are getting at a veterans hospital.

If you apply for Medicaid while you are getting health coverage as a veteran, make sure to let your state’s Medicaid program know when you apply, so that you can make sure that the appropriate program always pays for the right services.

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