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Why do I not qualify for in home care while on Medicaid?

Medicaid-QuestionQ) why do I not qualify for in home care for some one to come and clean my apartment when I have COPD and I have heart problems and a lot of other health issues . I really need help at my apartment on cleaning I have 02 here at My house when I leave the house I’m to ware 02 when I leave as well
but they try and tell me my medicaid well not , Pay for this mm there are others in my building that are just getting this help why am I the only one that is not getting this help when I need it . Because of my Illness

A) Here is information you can research on getting in home help while on Medicaid.

“Home and community-based services (HCBS) provide opportunities for Medicaid beneficiaries to receive services in their own home or community. These programs serve a variety of targeted populations groups, such as people with mental illnesses, intellectual or developmental disabilities, and/or physical disabilities.”

“The final Home and Community-Based Services regulations set forth new requirements for several Medicaid authorities under which states may provide home and community-based long-term services and supports. The regulations enhance the quality of HCBS and provide additional protections to individuals that receive services under these Medicaid authorities.”

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  1. I will like to know if you could let me know how may I qualified for Long Term Services and support on basic needs.
    I have severe back problems like Lumbar Spine Stenosis and Degenerative Disk which is very hard for me to be able to stand more than a few minutes to keep my house clean or even cook most of the time I was getting meals on wheels but do their quality of food I had to suspended since I as well should follow certain diet restrictions.
    Thank you so much for your assistance Maria Reyes-I live in Lehigh Acres,FL My phone number is 786-***-6962,\.
    As well I am going to the Access Medicaid I have a lot of questions About my Medicaid Program.

  2. To be eligible for Medicaid, you must meet the requirements for an eligibility group that your state covers under its Medicaid program. We can define an “eligibility group” as people who have certain common characteristics, such as being aged or disabled, and who meet certain common requirements, such as having income and assets below certain levels. There are many different eligibility groups in the Medicaid program, and each one has its own set of requirements. States are required to cover some groups, but have the option to cover or not cover others.

    Regardless of the specific eligibility group, though, you must meet two types of requirements to qualify for Medicaid.

    General requirements
    Financial requirements
    Once you qualify for Medicaid, you will have to meet additional functional requirements to qualify for long-term care services.

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