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I have a six year old granddaughter that needs Medicaid coverage.

Medicaid-QuestionQ) I have a six year old granddaughter that has lived with us since she was born. she used to have medicaid thru her mom, but we recently found out the she doesn’t have any more coverage. my wife and I do not have legal custody of her but my wife does have power of attorney from the school. I tried to get here coverage thru my job but was told i couldn’t unless i adopted her. Her mother is not going to go for that i know. I need to get her some insurance. is there any way that i can reinstate her or is there any other suggestions that you may have, any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated thank you again in advance

A) Each state govern their Medicaid programs differently and generally provide coverage for children in low income bracket. You will need to visit your state medicaid office and speak with a counselor regarding her unique situation and apply for coverage.

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  1. Good morning I need my questions answered. I live in Kentucky and I have an 8 year old grandson I have gaurdianship over we both have kentucky medicaide. we are moving to cape coral in the end of june what are the steps I need to take from here I really dont know what to do

  2. A) Each state administrate’s their medicaid program differently. Please contact a medicaid office in the state you are moving to. Ask what is the process to apply for medicaid in their state. Please explain that you currently have medicaid in your state and ask what process you can take in order to establish immediate coverage in their state.

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