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We have Kentucky medicaid. We are moving to cape coral. what are the steps I need to take.

Q) Good morning I need my questions answered. I live in Kentucky and I have an 8 year old grandson I have gaurdianship over we both have Kentucky medicaid. we are moving to cape coral in the end of june what are the steps I need to take from here I really dont know what to do?

A) Each state administrate’s their medicaid program differently. While Medicaid is often thought of as a federal program, each state is given the flexibility to set their own eligibility requirements. Therefore, each state evaluates its applicants independently from each other state. Those wishing to transfer their coverage must re-apply for Medicaid in the new state. Please contact a medicaid office in the state you are moving to. Ask what is the process to apply for medicaid in their state. Please explain that you currently have medicaid in your state and ask what process you can take in order to apply for immediate coverage in their state.

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