I am living in WA and receiving food stamps I will be relocating to TX, what do I need to do to either transfer my case

Q) I am living in the state of Washington and currently receiving food stamps here. I will be relocating to Killeen Texas on September 25,2015 and I was wondering what do I need to do to either transfer my case or reapply for food service and medical for my family.

A) By law you must report changes, such as a change of address, to your local SNAP office within 10 days. Tell them you are moving to a new state and need to close your case. Contact the SNAP office in your new states to apply for benefits there. Eligibility rules vary by state, but are often similar. call the Food Stamp office in your future state/county to find out their application process, (if you can reach someone, in our state if you don’t go in in person, you will get their automated system.) Also ask the approximate wait time for your food stamp case to be activated.

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