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 I have Nevada Medicaid.. I chose Silver Summit as my provider, Does ANYONE know of ANYONE who takes this insurance,

Q) I have Nevada Medicaid and Nevada Check Up. I chose Silver Summit as my provider, largely because they CLAIM they will pay for eye exams and one set of glasses per year. I desperately need new glasses – I haven’t had a new pair of glasses in TEN YEARS. I had the exam and it was covered – but the associated eyeglass maker refused the insurance. I finally found out it is actually Envolve eye insurance. I cannot contact Envolve on the phone and the website simply lists all the optometrists in Las Vegas. I have looked online. I have made numerous phone calls. Either no eyeglasses maker in Nevada or the United States ACTUALLY accept Envolve to pay for eyeglasses (in which case, the Silver Summit information given is a fraud, as is the information on the Envolve website) or I can only go to each and every eyeglasses provider one by one in the entire city asking for glasses until MAYBE someone will say yes. As you may have guessed, I am not rich and I can’t go to every eyeglass maker in this city one by one. Does ANYONE know of ANYONE who REALLY takes this insurance, or is this all a fraud and a lie? If so, perhaps the State of Nevada should investigate this company that claims to provide services it does not provide.

A) You should report this to your local medicaid office and ask for assistance in locating providers.

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