My daughters husband left her…Social Security says it could be Feb..before they can help

Q) My daughters husband left her to move in a camper somewhere with his girl friend. My daughter and her husband are in a 3 year bankruptcy and we have been told by 2 lawyers that she cannot get divorced till the case is closed.Her husband just took a new job with insurance to be available in Jan 2019…so right now she has no insurance ,and no income , she cannot work because of disability , Social Security says it could be Feb or Mar before they can help ,and that could change because her husband is scheduled for a pay raise…so that would make her in a bigger income . What do we do …please help

A) The Federal Government created the Social Security Disability program to provide assistance to individuals who are physically and/or mentally unable to work anymore; disabled. You may need to get the assistance of an attorney that specializes in Social Security issues.

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