I qualify for Medicaid..$200 a month taken a toll on my bills.

Q) I was told by SS office that I qualify for Medicare and Medicaid and Medicare both due to my SS Disability low income bracket and due to my qualifying insurance. With Obamacare I had $0 cost for my premium per month. I just qualified for early Medicare and pay over $200.00 a month. It’s taken a toll on my bills. I have 12 Disabilities and counting and had just started treatment that I will not be able to afford. I need to get this taken care of ASAP. I finally found a qualified Dr and they don’t take the Medicare and my treatment costs are significant during my continued testing.

A) Medicaid programs are governed by individual States. You will need to call or visit your local State Medicaid or Social Service office and speak with a counselor regarding your financial situation, medical bills and your inability to pay the $200 per month.

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