wife did not change child support order, may well have continued to collect welfare benefits…

Q) I have to take my ex-wife to court to see about changing the back child support order. An order she was supposed to alter but did not when I went to get my son for the weekend and ended up getting him for the next 4 years.
It’s recently come to my attention from a reliable source that since she did not change the child support order, that she may well have continued to collect welfare benefits (in the late 80’s/early 90’s) as if he were still a dependent under her name, thereby committing criminal fraud.
If your data shows that she continually claimed him as a dependent then she’s broken the law, a point it would be to my advantage to make when I see her in front of a judge.
I believe that she is currently living in Indiana, and likely still collecting welfare of some sort as her entire family has made doing so sort of a career choice.
So, since it’s well within the realm of probability that you cannot just give me that information for the asking I will need to know whom/where to subpoena to get that data so I can use it against her in court so that I can get out from under the weight of a debt I’ve been paying her that she should have owed me.

A) I don’t have access to personal data or information of individuals. You would need to contact the relevant government agency or department that handles welfare benefits in the state where your ex-wife was living at the time to obtain any information about her benefits and dependent status. You may also want to consult with a lawyer or legal aid organization for guidance on how to proceed with your case.

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