I applied for SNAP benefits and Medicaid almost a month ago

I applied for SNAP benefits and Medicaid almost a month ago, I was told I would be notified in 7-10 days. Last week, I called since no one had notified me yet, I was told I had a phone interview for SNAP the next day, but that my Medicaid case was still pending. I was informed they were behind about a week because computer system had been down. I was also told I needed to speak to Ms. Wilson about Medicaid, I was transferred and left a message. STILL no response, called again today, since still nothing in mail or no telephone call, & now I’m told that my case doesn’t exist?!? How can that be? It existed the other 3 times I have called to check, and I have a piece of paper from the office showing what was turned in…I was given a supervisor to speak with today, but another voicemail, and again another no return call. How are things with such sensitive information on them getting lost in a government office? I am diabetic, and need medication. Just moved to the state where I have applied for SO MANY jobs, but don’t have one yet. I need help, and I need someone in that office to do their job and return my call.

A) I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with your SNAP and Medicaid cases. Unfortunately, government bureaucracy can be slow and frustrating at times. However, there are a few steps that you can take to try to get your case back on track.

First, try to remain patient and persistent. It sounds like you have already made several calls and left messages, so I would recommend that you continue to follow up with the office until you get a response. You might also try reaching out to your local elected officials for assistance, as they may be able to advocate on your behalf.

Second, make sure that you have all of the necessary documentation for your case. If you don’t already have it, try to obtain copies of all of the paperwork that you submitted to the office, including any receipts or proof of submission. This information may be helpful if you need to escalate your case.

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