I want to dispute my dental work 

Q) I want to dispute my dental work done at western dental how do I go about doing so I’m not happy at all with the work they have done with my dentures I can’t eat with them in what so ever and it’s embarrassing I want to b normal and I am not please let me know what I need to do .

A) I’m sorry to hear that you are not happy with the dental work done at Western Dental. If you would like to dispute the work, you should start by reaching out to the office where the work was done and speaking with the dentist who performed the work. Explain your concerns and request that they be addressed. If you are unable to resolve the issue through direct communication with the dentist, you may consider filing a complaint with the appropriate state dental board or regulatory agency.

It’s important to keep in mind that filing a complaint may take some time and may not guarantee a resolution to your satisfaction, but it can help bring attention to your concerns and potentially lead to a resolution.

You may also consider seeking a second opinion from another dentist to determine if the work performed was inadequate and what your options for corrective action may be.

It’s important to take steps to resolve the issue and ensure that you are satisfied with the dental care you receive.

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