Seniors who are in need of help are finding very hard to get help they need desperately, l am a senior citizen who has been homeless and living out of my car, l have contacted the Haskell office of social services and no one is returning my calls for the last two weeks.

A) I’m really sorry to hear about the difficulties you are facing. It’s unfortunate that you haven’t received the help you need from the Haskell office of social services. In such situations, it’s important to be persistent and explore other avenues to seek assistance. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Contact Other Social Services Agencies: Try reaching out to other social services agencies in your area that might be able to provide assistance to seniors and the homeless. Look for organizations that focus on helping the elderly or those experiencing homelessness.
  2. Local Shelters and Homeless Support Services: Reach out to local homeless shelters or support services that may offer resources for seniors in need. They may provide temporary housing, meals, and other essential services.
  3. Community Outreach Programs: Check if there are any community outreach programs, churches, or non-profit organizations in your area that provide support to seniors. These organizations often offer various forms of assistance, including food pantries, clothing, and shelter.
  4. 211 Helpline: Dial 211, a helpline service available in the United States that connects people to essential community resources and social services. They may be able to provide information and direct you to the right resources in your area.
  5. Senior Centers: If there are senior centers in your locality, visit or call them to inquire about available resources and support for seniors in need.
  6. Ask for Help from Family and Friends: Reach out to family members, friends, or acquaintances who might be able to offer temporary support or provide information about available resources.
  7. Advocacy Groups: There may be advocacy groups for seniors or the homeless in your region. Contact these groups to seek assistance and guidance.
  8. Legal Aid: If you encounter significant obstacles in accessing social services, you can consider seeking legal aid or assistance from an advocacy organization to ensure your rights are protected.

Remember to keep a record of all the calls you make, the dates, and the details of the conversations. This documentation might be helpful if you need to escalate your situation or if you are asked about your efforts to seek assistance.

Being persistent and proactive is essential when navigating social services, especially during difficult times. If you find yourself in an emergency situation or feel unsafe, don’t hesitate to contact local emergency services or law enforcement for immediate assistance.

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