No one answer the phone at Richmond TX medicaid office i need help i need speak with Supervisor its urgent this crazy . Been hold for almost 4 hours whyyyy y’all quick to denied but not quick go pick up the line this very unprofessional . Me and my kids are out of food helllp

A) I understand your frustration and empathize with your situation. It’s incredibly stressful to be on hold for such a long time and unable to access necessary resources. While I can’t directly answer your phone calls or solve the issue with the Medicaid office, I can help you explore alternative solutions and provide information that might be helpful.

Here are some steps you can take:

1. Try other contact methods:

  • Texas Medicaid Member Services: They have a statewide number (833-731-2160) open Monday-Friday 7am-6pm Central Time. This might be a quicker option than the local office.
  • Email: If possible, try contacting the local office through email. This might offer a slower response but could allow you to explain your situation in detail.
  • Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC): Their website ( offers additional resources and contact information for different divisions. Try searching for the specific department you need to reach.

2. Seek emergency assistance:

  • 211: Dial 211 or visit their website ( to find local resources for food assistance, shelters, and other immediate needs.
  • Local food banks and charities: Search online or contact your local United Way for a directory of food banks and other charitable organizations that can provide temporary assistance.

3. Consider legal aid:

  • Texas Legal Aid: They offer free or low-cost legal assistance to low-income Texans in various areas, including healthcare access. Check their website (<invalid URL removed>) or call their hotline (1-800-252-9392) for more information.

4. Report the issue:

  • HHSC Ombudsman: This office investigates complaints regarding HHSC programs and services, including Medicaid. You can file a complaint online (<invalid URL removed>) or by calling 1-800-252-5597.

I understand this is a challenging situation, and I hope this information helps you find the resources you need. Please remember that you are not alone, and there are people and organizations who can help.

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