I enrolled in medicade during pregnancy how long covered after delivory

medicaid_questionQ) I enrolled for medicaid in the beginning of my pregnancy. My baby was born 12/15, am I still covered for myself under medicaid? If so for how long? Or do I need to reapply to continue coverage

A) You are still covered under Medicaid for 1 year after your baby is born.

Medicaid is a government program that provides health insurance to low-income individuals and families. If you were enrolled in Medicaid during your pregnancy, you will continue to be covered for 1 year after your baby is born. This is called continuous eligibility.

Continuous eligibility helps to ensure that women have access to healthcare during and after their pregnancy. It also helps to reduce the number of uninsured children.

If you have any questions about your Medicaid coverage, you should contact your state’s Medicaid office. You can find the contact information for your state’s Medicaid office by visiting the website for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

According to Medicaid Website. Once eligibility is established, pregnant women remain eligible for Medicaid through the end of the calendar month in which the 60th day after the end of the pregnancy falls, regardless of any change in family income.

Infants born to pregnant women who are receiving Medicaid for the date of delivery are automatically eligible for Medicaid (known as “deemed newborns”). Medicaid eligibility continues until the child’s first birthday and citizenship documentation is not required.

Keep in mind that the rules for Medicaid eligibility are different for each state. You need to call or visit your state Medicaid Office and speak with a Medicaid counselor regarding your coverage.

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