Pursuing my PhD in USA, wife pregnant, need health insurance.

medicaid_questionQ) We have twin daughters who are born Americans and have medicaid insurance. I am pursuing my PhD in USA with a student visa and my wife is with me as a dependent with F-2 (dependent of a student) visa. She had medicaid while she gave birth to the twins in 2010 in Texas. At that time, she did not have any SSN. She is expecting again. Like the previous occasion she is on F-2 visa and, therefore, not eligible to work in USA. She doesn’t have a SSN too. Is she still eligible to get medicaid now? Can she apply for SSN on the ground of pregnancy if she needs it for Medicaid? Please, suggest me a way to get medicaid or an appropriate insurance for her that will cover her diagnosis and check-ups at doctor’s office, medicine and delivery of the baby?

A) Each state govern their medicaid program differently. Some states are more liberal and will provide you with coverage. You will need to visit your state social service website, view their requirements and apply if you qualify. I also suggest you visit your student affairs office and enquirer on health insurance programs for foreign students.

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