Need to verify my case status in Kentucky.

Q) My name is Bridget I was receiving assistance in under my husband Donald I moved back to Huntington, Indiana on April 10, 2019. Donald has not received benefits for either of us since February 2019. Donald called and requested that a verification letter stating that I am no longer receiving benefits in Kentucky and when my benefits ended in Kentucky be sent to IN. I still have not received the letter. Donald called last week to find out if and when the letter was sent. He was informed that the letter was sent out on April 22, 2019. My deadline for turning this in to the County was May 1, 2019. I take various medication on a daily basis, some that treat mental disorders. Without these medications I will experience manic psychotic episodes along with withdrawal symptoms. I have contacted my local Social Service office to make them aware of the situation. They made a note in my account and said they would give me a little more time to get the letter turned in. I only have six days left of medicine. I can’t get in to see my psychologist or family physician until this letter gets turned in and my insurance here can be verified as active. Please help me resolve this issue as soon as possible.
My local Huntington County office has tried twice to call yo verify my case status in Kentucky that would be the fastest way for my benefits in Indiana to be activated. I appreciate any assistance that you may be able to give. Thank you, Bridget

A) I’m sorry to hear about the situation you are facing. However, please note that I do not represent any government agency. Therefore, I am unable to check the status of your case or provide direct assistance with your Medicaid benefits.

It is recommended that you try calling the Kentucky Medicaid office directly to follow up on the verification letter. You can also ask if they can provide you with a temporary verification letter or proof of coverage to use while waiting for the official letter to arrive. Additionally, you may want to speak with a caseworker or supervisor at the local Social Service office in Indiana to explain the situation and see if they can offer any additional assistance or resources to help you obtain your medications.


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