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Need to verify my case status in Kentucky.

Q) My name is Bridget ********. I was receiving assistance in P******y County under my husband Donald ****. I moved back to Huntington, Indiana on April 10, 2019. Donald has not received benefits for either of us since February 2019. Donald called and requested that a verification letter stating that I am no longer receiving benefits in Kentucky and when my benefits ended in Kentucky be sent to 3****e Street; *******, IN. 4***0. I still have not received the letter. Donald called last week to find out if and when the letter was sent. He was informed that the letter was sent out on April 22, 2019. My deadline for turning this in to H******n IN., H*****n County was May 1, 2019. I take various medication on a daily basis, some that treat mental disorders. Without these medications I will experience manic psychotic episodes along with withdrawal symptoms. I have contacted my local H*****on office to make them aware of the situation. They made a note in my account and said they would give me a little more time to get the letter turned in. I only have six days left of medicine. I can’t get in to see my psychologist or family physician until this letter gets turned in and my insurance here can be verified as active. Please help me resolve this issue as soon as possible. Best way to contact Donald is by calling his cellphone at 6*******9. Best way to contact me is through my email; b***********
My local Huntington County office has tried twice to call the P**********y office in Hazard to get verification over the phone that my benefits ended on February, 2019 in K*********; due to long wait times they have been unsuccessful. If someone in the P**********y office could call or fax my H*********n County office in Indiana and verify my case status in Kentucky that would be the fastest way for my benefits in Indiana to be activated. I appreciate any assistance that you may be able to give. Thank you, Bridget J****!

A) You may need to go back to your local medicaid office and request further assistance with your case.

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  1. I have applied for medical & food stamp assistance. I have two young kids & a pregnant girlfriend. I was told it would take 7 to 10 days to get my food stamp card in the mail. Here it is over a month later, & I haven’t received anything!! I have turned in all the paper work that was requested! Why have I not got any word of any kind regarding my benefits? I’m unemployed with no money in the bank, I could really use some help!!! Thank you!

  2. Stay in touch with your caseworker if you feel your application is taking too long or you aren’t getting communication from him or her. However, if you weren’t alerted by your caseworker that you needed to turn in further verification of your circumstances, the fault lies with him or her. The United States Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service specifically outlines how long an application should take to be reviewed but, unfortunately, it isn’t always so simple. Are you sure you completed the application? This isn’t easy, as caseworkers may not return phone calls. Did you turn in all necessary paperwork? If no one is contacting you, go to the office and request a hearing, either by filling out hearing paperwork or just by writing “I request a hearing” and your signature on a piece of paper and turning it in to the office. Sometimes going through the food stamp application process turns into a long waiting game. If this happens, contact your caseworker’s supervisor, and if that doesn’t work, contact the supervisor’s supervisor. In addition to this, every application is supposed to be screened immediately to see whether or not the applicant is eligible for “expedited” services, or emergency help. A hearing officer who has nothing to do with your case will listen to both sides and make a fair decision If the applicant is eligible, the case must be approved within seven days and benefits disbursed in the same time frame. Your case can remain “pending,” or undecided, for much longer than it should. If the decision on your food stamp application is still pending and it’s been longer than 30 days since you applied, someone is at fault. Your case should be decided within 30 days of applying. A lack of complete information could be a reason for the delay. Always stay in touch with your caseworker to make sure he or she has all the information needed and to find out why your case is being delayed.

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