My mother is on Medicare/Medicaid,, need higher level care placement.

Q) My mother is on Medicare/Medicaid but will need higher level of care placement. Financially, she meets criteria Medicaid service to help pay for placement. What do I need to bring with me when I come in to apply on behalf of my mother?

A) You will need to bring all financial documents to show that your mom qualifies for the medicaid care you are seeking such as:

Financial Resources
Checking Account Statements
Savings Account Statements
Money Market Accounts
Certificates of Deposit
Credit Union Accounts
Stocks or Bonds
IRA, 401K, 403B,Keogh Accts
Title to Automobile & Value
Deeds to Property Owned and Listing Agreement Property Proceeds / HUD-1 Mortgages
Special Needs Trusts
Life Insurance Policies with Cash Value Statement
Burial Plot Information
Prepaid Funeral Contracts

Proof of Age. US Passport.
Proof of Citizenship. US Passport.
Identity. US Passport.
Marital Status. Marriage Certificate. …
Financial Resources. Checking Account Statements.
Other. Social Security Card(front and back)
Income. Most Recent Pay Stubs.

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