How do I get my husband on Medicaid? He needs to be placed in a nursing facility.

Q) How do I get my husband on Medicaid? He Social Security in 2019 was 28,116. I also get Social Security. He needs to be placed in a nursing facility but our insurance won’t pay for a nursing facility. How do I get the help to place him in a nursing home? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Elsie.

A) Each state governs their own medicaid program and so the need for your husband’s nursing facility services is defined by your state. All states have their own established Nursing Facility level of care criteria. Please call or visit your state medicaid office and fill out an application for your husband. You may also be able to fill out this application on your State medicaid or social service website. According the website – Individuals with serious mental illness or intellectual disability must be evaluated by the state’s Pre-admission Screening and Resident Review program to determine if nursing Facility admission is needed and appropriate.

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