Why does an absent spouse need to be on the Texas application for medicaid

Q) Why does an absent spouse need to be on the Texas application for medicaid with the social security number if they are not applying for benefits?

A) In Texas, when applying for Medicaid, the state requires information about all household members, including the absent spouse. This is because the state uses the information to determine the household’s income and resources to see if the applicant(s) meet the financial eligibility criteria for Medicaid benefits.

If the absent spouse is not applying for benefits, their income and resources are still considered when determining the eligibility for the applicant(s). For example, if the absent spouse is employed and has a significant income, it could impact the applicant’s eligibility for Medicaid benefits.

By including the absent spouse’s information on the application, the state can get a more accurate picture of the household’s financial situation and make a more informed decision about the applicant’s eligibility for Medicaid benefits.

It’s also important to note that the state may require documentation of the absent spouse’s income, such as a tax return or paycheck stub, to verify the information provided on the application.

It’s also possible that the state of Texas uses this information for child support enforcement purposes. If the absent parent is not providing child support, the state can use the information to locate and hold the absent parent accountable for child support.

It’s best to check with the Texas Medicaid agency for more information on the specific requirements and process for applying for Medicaid benefits in Texas.

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