Looking for information pertaining to income from taking care of elderly parent in FL.

A) There are different programs in Florida that may provide some income or financial assistance for family caregivers of elderly parents. Some of them are:

  • Home Care for the Elderly (HCE): This program pays a monthly subsidy of $160 to help with the cost of equipment and supplies. The caregiver can be a family member or not.
  • Medicaid Personal Care Assistant (PCA): This program pays an hourly rate of $9-$13 to the caregiver for personal care services. The caregiver must be approved by Medicaid and the care recipient must be eligible for Medicaid.
  • Consumer Directed Care Plus (CDC+): This program allows the care recipient to choose and hire their own caregiver, who can be a family member. The caregiver is paid a monthly budget based on the care recipient’s needs.

You can find more information about these programs and their eligibility requirements on the links below. I hope this helps.

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